Dec 082014

Armagh 21 Midleton 17

A tough and physical game in Armagh that went all the way to the final whistle and will be one that we feel we should have won.  Armagh started well and with an early penalty in the opening play put 3 points on the board.  Armagh attack again, another penalty this time wide of the posts but with about 13 minutes played their third attempt is good and Midleton are 6 adrift.

It seems to be going all Armaghs way when we pick up a yellow and its Midleton down to 14 men.  Yet another shot on goal for the home side and with about 23 minutes played its 9 nill and time for Midleton to push on.  This we do and a few minutes later we are right back in it with a try for Alan Long and the conversion from Paul Daly to see the score stand at Armagh 9 Midleton 7.

Midleton attack again, and with a line out inside the 22 its a maul and a push for the Armagh line.  Its goes down, and with our line going forward the Armagh 13 intercepts and runs the length of the pitch passing to another Armagh back for their 1st try under the posts – Armagh 16 Midleton 7 at the break.

From the restart Midleton attack hard and this time its our turn for the penalty opportunity and the score is 16 10.  We get an opportunity from the re-start for another shot but this time its well back and the effort is short.  Midleton are piling on the pressure up front and soon its Armaghs turn in the bin for infringing on the scrum.

Midleton scrum again under the posts and with a pig push are over for a try going to the Captain at the back, with the conversion its Armagh 16 Midleton 17 and things are looking good.

Armagh find their feet again and with some great passing play are over in the corner for a try and a 4 point lead – Armagh 21 Midleton 17.  Midleton attack again and seek to use our advantage in scrum in the dying minutes to push over for what would be the winning score.  Scrum is reset more than once and bodies are tired.  Midleton seem to be going forward but the ref calls to use the ball, the attack is defended well and Armagh eventually win the penalty and its all over.

Tired and sore bodies and minds, one we all feel was there for the taking but it was not to be.  Well done again to the team, a hard fight on our first trip to Armagh and one that now sees us focusing squarely on the Kanturk game on the 20th for a positive result.