Nov 172013

Midleton 13 Cork Consitution 26

A lovely November day for a game of Rugby as Midleton 2nds host Cork Constitution.  The score line does not really reflect the game that, despite an early lead by Con, was at one stage a one-point game that looked to be going Midleton’s way!

The game gets underway and from the start Midleton are on the defensive holding out a fast Cork Con back line.  Midleton give a penalty and Con kick to just outside the Midleton line.  Midleton win the lineout and clear to just inside halfway.   Its all Cork Con attacking and Midleton defending with just over 15 minutes now played.  A few minutes later though Midleton knock on just inside the 22 and it’s a scrum to Con.  A quick movement off the back of the scrum sees a soft try under the posts; with the conversion it’s Midleton 0 Cork Constitution 7.

From the restart Cork Con attack again driving Midleton back to their own 22.  A scrum to Midleton and we try to mount an attack pushing up to the 10m, Con turnover and break through for a second try.  Midleton 0, Cork Con 14.

At this point you would expect a rout on the cards; but that was far from the case.

At the restart a great kick sees a lineout just inside the Con 22.  Midleton win the Con line out and mount an attack winning a scrum in front of the posts about 5m out. Midleton keep attacking and gather a poor Con clearance to Maul to the line for their first try of the afternoon. Mid 5 Con 14 with about 33 minutes played.  From the restart Midleton attack again.  This passage of play sees the Midleton game go from a defensive one to attacking and the reward is there with another Midleton try.  The game goes to half-time with two tries apiece, Midleton’s missed conversions the difference – Midleton 10 Cork Constitution 14.

The second half results with Midleton attacking again; eventually rewarded with a penalty that sees the score Midleton 13 Cork Con 14 with about 30 minutes left to play.  Con gather themselves and start mounting another attack winning a penalty about 5 yards out that is kicked to the corner.  Con win their lineout and go to the Maul; Midleton defend hard and hold Con out.  Con win a penalty and tap-and-go however the ref calls it back and then they opt for the scrum.

Play is now down on the Midleton line – nail biting stuff as hit after hit goes in and Midleton refuse to give up.  Cork Con change tactics and move the ball across the field and it looks like they are in for a third try but it’s in touch.  Midleton win their lineout clearing to 10m.  Its hard going and bodies are getting tired but Midleton get a penalty and bring play back to halfway, another penalty and now we are down inside the Con 22.  There is less than 10 minutes on the clock and Midleton are pushing for the try attacking hard.   Then it looks like we are in, the cheers go up, but the Ref has spotted an infringement and it’s a scrum to Cork Con.  Utter disappointment and the next few minutes sees all the hard work undone as Con run in two easy tries that sees the final score of Midleton 13 Cork Constitution 26.

The Midleton men can hold their heads high, a great game with some brilliant defensive play.  A victory seemed tantalisingly close but was not to be, well done Midleton for a great game and a final score line that is certainly not a reflection of how close the encounter really was.