Aug 172013

The I’s are dotted and the T’s crossed.  Contracts are in place and work is scheduled to begin as soon as possible on the erection of the new floodlight system – badly needed and not a moment too soon! .

The next few months are exciting times with the upgrading of pitches and the floodlights going ahead. This will have a huge impact on club rugby in Midleton and the wider areas by giving access to the pitches after dark. It is hoped to have these lights up and running for November with the possibility for holding seconds and underage games on Friday /Saturday nights.

Dave Ryan (Director of rugby) said “Who knows maybe this season Friday night-lights will come to Towns Park!. We are also lighting up a new training area with the intention of this area becoming all weather in the next year or so.”

Work is expected to start within the next four weeks and will take about six weeks to complete