Mar 112015

Sunday 8th March Midleton RFC hosted an open day for ladies rugby as part of International Women’s day

The players, coaches and friends of the recently reformed Midleton Women’s Rugby celebrated International Women’s Day (IWD) with an Open Day at the club showcasing and promoting women’s rugby. The theme of IWD 2015 was ‘Make it Happen’ and in terms of rugby, Irish women are certainly taking up the challenge and making their mark. In recent years our national women’s team have won a grand slam, beaten 2 world champions and joined the men of Munster as the only Irish teams to have beaten a New Zealand test side.

For our IWD celebration local schools, sports clubs, businesses and voluntary organisations were invited to Towns Park to watch our women’s teams in action. After performing a number of full-contact drills and game play, the girls demonstrated the basics of tag rugby and our guests were invited to give it a try. Great fun was had by all and a number of new players were recruited on the strength of this very enjoyable day. Common observations amongst our visitors included the impressive skill levels of the girls, the positive atmosphere and how much enjoyment the players were getting from the game.

Midleton Women’s Rugby train on Tuesdays at 7pm and Saturdays at 9.30am. New players are always welcome.


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