Nov 232017

The General Committee of Midleton RFC have resolved to call an EGM for 8pm on the 5th December 2017 at the Clubhouse, Townspark, for the purpose of the membership:

  1. Approving the change in status of the Club to a Limited Company;
  2. Ratifying changes to the Club Constitution to support the status of limited company in terms of Articles of Association and the requirements of the Company Registration Office.

The revised constitution will be available in the Club for review from 25/11/17 and online at the club website here: Midleton Rugby Club 071117 Draft

The primary reasons for considering a move to Limited Company status are

  • Limit the liability of the committee and members with the protection of the structure of limited company;
  • Remove the personal liability placed on Trustees;
  • Allow the committee of the club to be more effective in executing their duties;
  • Establish a structure which is more acceptable for the future receipt if State Grants taking into account current legislation and protocols being adopted by the likes of the Dept of Sport etc.