Dec 082013

Midleton v Sundays Well 019Midleton 14 Sundays Well 22

On this historic occasion of the first League game under lights at Townspark, the Well get proceedings under way in front of a great crowd.  Midleton take play into the Well half and are advancing but give a penalty that gives the Well a chance to relieve the pressure.  Midleton are defending and another penalty gives the Well a chance for points, with 8 minutes played its Midleton 0 Sundays Well 3.

Midleton attack from the restart and a lovely chip across the field sees a great opportunity to go forward but it’s knocked on.   There are some good moves being put together by Midleton but they are unlucky in the final execution. Play stays around the middle of the pitch with both sides trying to probe for weaknesses in others defence and then with about 20 minutes played the Well have a chance to widen the gap with another penalty – Midleton 0 Sundays Well 6

Midleton are attacking again from the restart and really start to pile on the pressure and are rewarded with a try for the full back O’Sullivan.  The conversion is wide so the score is now Midleton 5 Sundays Well 6 with about 25 minutes of the game gone.

Midleton v Sundays Well 096Midleton give another penalty after the restart and the Well fly-half, having a good game, makes it Midleton 5 Sundays Well 9.  And so the half proceeds with both sides trading penalties to see the score at halftime to be Midleton 11 Sundays Well 12

Both teams come out ready for battle in the second half and with 1 point the difference it’s anyone’s to win.  Play soon advances and Midleton have a chance to go ahead from a penalty just inside halfway but it doesn’t have the distance.  Midleton continue to pile on the pressure and are rewarded with another penalty chance, this time its over and the score is Midleton 14 Sundays Well 12 with about 25 minutes left in the game.

The Well are determined though, and with some frustration on the Midleton end of things we are quickly down to 13 men and defending hard.  The pressure mounts and the Well are camping in the Midleton half; then a drop goal sees Sundays Well back in front Midleton 14 Sundays Well 15.

Tired bodies now and the pressure is continuing from Midleton and the chance to edge ahead comes again, a pressure kick for points from a penalty but its wide.  The Well come forward again and with a strong pack push in for a try, with the conversion the final score is Midleton 14 Sundays Well 22.Midleton v Sundays Well 034

A disappointing end to a close game; focus now over the Christmas period will be on learning from mistakes and looking to clear out errors in the game as we get ready to travel to Tullamore on the 11th January.