May 012015

Every penny counts!  Support Midleton RFC as we take part in the ~Cash for Clubs – Contact Paul Simpson for Details!


Topaz are proud to be launching a brand new initiative called ‘Cash for Clubs’ which will serve to strengthen the link between
Topaz and the communities and towns which we operate in all across Ireland. The promotion will run across both the Company
owned and Dealer networks and will be open to clubs throughout both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The
promotion is open to all types of clubs no matter what size eg football, rugby, soccer, swimming, tennis, dance, drama etc.
Details of the promotion
As part of this promotion we have €200,000 to give away to clubs across Ireland when they purchase fuel with Topaz. The
winners will be chosen through an open draw format at the end of the campaign. All clubs who meet the required criteria will
be entered in the draw and will be eligible for a reward.
• We have €200,000 to give away in total
• 1st club drawn will win €10,000
• 10 clubs thereafter will win €5,000 and
• 140 clubs after this will receive €1,000
• All clubs thereafter who meet the required criteria will receive €250.
• Main draw will be made the week following the promotion closing on Sunday the 10th of May.
• All clubs who return 300 filled voucher cards before the closing date of the promotion (10th May 2015)
will be entered into the main draw.
How does it work?
Clubs can register online at and, once registered, members of the club and customers in the
community can start to collect stamps for fuel purchases over €40/£30 to donate to the club.
All sites will receive voucher cards as part of the POS kit to issue to customers participating in the promotion. A customer
should receive one stamp on their voucher card for each fuel purchase of €40/£30 or more. When issuing a stamp the receipt
for said purchase should be printed and attached to the back of the voucher card for record. (Note – Customers are only to
receive 1 stamp per transaction.) All payment types are eligible to receive a stamp eg cash, fuel card, debit card etc.
• 5 stamps need to be filled on each card
• Once a card has been filled the card is returned to the club administrator (club registrar) to send back to us
• Once a club has filled 300 cards in full they can return the cards to Topaz Cash for Clubs, Roselawn House,
University Business Complex, National Technology Park, Limerick.
• To be eligible to enter the draw a club will need to return 300 fully completed cards to enter their club in the draw
The campaign will run over 12 weeks in total kicking off on Monday the 16th of February 2015. Sites will be receiving a full suite
of POS to promote this campaign. POS will be arriving with sites by Thursday the 12th of February.
• The campaign will run until Sunday the 10th of May.
• Main draw will be made the week following the promotion closing on Sunday the 10th of May.
• Clubs will be notified directly once the draw has been made.