Sep 032014
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Many thanks to everyone who helped out and camped out last weekend for the 1st (Annual) Mini Camp out!

By all measures a huge success and it could not have been without the parents and children who turned up and just had fun! below are a selection of photos (thank you Fidelma Read!)….

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Jun 272014

The Munster Rugby Summer camps return to Midleton RFC this July from the 14th to the 18th.

Places are open for children aged 6 to 12 and the camp runs from 9:30am and 1:30pm.

Please find full booking details on the link below!


May 122014
wales group

U12s tour Wales!


On Saturday 3rd May the touring U12s and their parents realised that there was also a 4 in the AM as well as the PM as they dragged themselves from their beds to meet the coach at the clubhouse and begin the 11 hour trip to our first game against Ystradgynlais just outside Swansea.  A better welcome by our hosts could not have been had, as to a man and player we were given the royal treatment!  Many thanks to all and maybe a return trip might be on the cards some day.  Back on the bus and it was off to the Hotel for dinner and a rest – early (ish) to bed as it was Abergavenny on Sunday for a full on festival.  Our “men” did the club proud, making it all the way to the Semi-finals of a 9 team pool and picking up player of the tournament into the bargain! (well done Pierce)!!  Back to the hotel then for dinner and players court; Sunday and it was off to a local water-park to work off the energy before heading for the ferry once again.

Overall a great trip, our club was well represented and thanks are well due to the coaches and our hosts on both days for what was a very successful and enjoyable representation of the club abroad!  Below is a selection of pictures from the trip.



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